Saturday, May 13, 2017

Sweet Maggie's Cloud

My family's Maggie girl died 2 years ago & when she died, a part of my soul died with her...such was our bond. I don't mean this as judgment, but as being sincerely baffled when I say that I have never understood people who view animals not as living beings, but as "just a dog/cat etc". Animals are not here on earth to serve us. Although we can surely have a symbiotic relationship with them where they help us & we help them, they have the right to exist & enjoy the life they were given just as much as we do. Lesser intelligence does not equate to lesser right to life. This isn't a "don't eat meat" post. I respect people's rights to choose their food.

Finding Legos

Yellow ones, red ones, blue and green…
No matter what room I go to, those little blocks are seen.

Tucked underneath the couch, & near our cat’s litter box,
Hiding between the covers & near where my husband throws his socks!

As I crouch down on the floor, retrieving cat toys under the TV,
Pet hair, cords & cat toys & Legos are what I see!

As I tidy up the living room, moving papers here & there,
I find blocks that snap together, spreading colors everywhere.

There are guns to shoot the zombies & rifles 2 feet long.
The builder of these masterpieces, makes them very strong.

Oh the robots & the weapons, made for battles of that day,
Are the evidence of a happy child, who came to see us & to play.

As I pick up all the Legos, that have somehow missed their box,
I’m reminded of a sweet little boy & the way he plays & talks.

“Get the zombies, Grandpa! Run! We have to hide!”
“Oh no, they just got Grandma! Now she’s a zombie & she died!”

There’s an awesome little boy, 4 years old with an infectious grin.
Each time I’m finding Legos, I’m reminded he was here again!

(Dedicated to my awesome, Lego-loving grandson)

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Friday, February 17, 2017

The Good and Not So Good Human Traits

I don't make resolutions when a new year arrives. I instead, set goals for my life & I set such goals throughout the year. In my experiences during the past couple of years, I have encountered people with personality & character traits so ugly that they have brought out the worst of mankind. I have also observed & been exposed to traits so awesome that they help people to forget that ugliness in this world even exists when we can see the goodness in others. I want to strive to exhibit the positive traits below, to the best of my ability. They are shown first on this list. This post isn't pretty or poetic, nor is the layout fancy. Heck, I'm not even going to make the format perfectly consistent & uniform. I don't feel like it. But I do believe the point I'm trying to make can still be made here:

Saturday, February 4, 2017


She was the 3rd daughter for my parents. They already had one son at that time & I'm quite certain my brother had hoped for a baby brother instead of yet another girl, but that was not to be. I'm hypothesizing here. I haven't actually asked my brother how he felt about having yet another sister in the family, but c'mon...what boy actually looks forward to being outnumbered 3 to 1 by sisters?
To make matters worse for my poor brother, he had to wait an extra month to find out if he was going to have a little brother or not, because this little baby was born a month least according to legend (every family has them). At last the day arrived & the doctor announced "it's a girl". I can imagine the dismay my brother must have felt on that day, although he likely was used to it by now.